Trench Drains


Surface Drainage systems for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

EZ Drain and Trench Drain products are designed to cover all drainage needs from light residential to heavy duty commercial and industrial. Each section bolts together to ensure fast and easy installation. Unlike many other systems, ours does not require multiple sloped sections over a single run. The footer, form, and grade can be made in one single pour. This saves you time, money, and materials.

EZ Drain


Trench Drain

Need picture of trench drain to match the EZ Drain above


Grate selection

Type 1- Medium Duty

Arc welded steel bar grate slow speed car traffic 82% open area.

Type 5- Safety Plate

1/4″ A786 Raised lug pattern  pedestrian and bicycle safe 3% open area.

Type 2- Heavy Duty

Arc welded reinforced grate slow speed truck traffic 75% open area.

Type 6- Steel ADA

Arc welded steel bar grate pedestrian and truck traffic 20% open area.


Connecting Sections

Pre fabricated connecting sections are designed to speed the installation of a larger system. They are available in a variety of off-the-shelf configurations including 90 degree corners, tees, and crosses. Connecting sections can be used with any size EZ Drain or Trench Drain and can be supplied with any grate.

End Plates

End plates complete an installation by providing an easy means of closing off a blind end, or connecting the trench drain system to the outlet piping. They are available in sizes to fit any system and come with a variety of connection options including holes, male or female NPT fittings, or straight pipe outlet.

Catch Basins

Catch basins are 24” x 24” x 10” deep and are available with a variety of pre fabricated inlet configurations. They are designed to be integrated into any system to provide greater capacities for larger runs. Catch basins can be used in any size EZ Drain or Trench Drain system. Extension from 1 foot to 5 feet deep can be added to increase capacity. Each foot adds 26 gallons. Outlets are shop fabricated and configured with NPT male or female threads, or a plain hole.

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