Our RED-E-FORM® trench drains are a complete modular system designed and engineered for performance, durability and ease of installation. Unlike precast polymer concrete or plastic drains, RED-E-FORM® trench drains are fabricated from rugged 13 Ga. steel designed to survive the harsh construction site environment. No need for the installer to treat these with “kid gloves”. They can be handled just like any of the other concrete forming equipment at the site. RED-E-FORM® trench grates are 3/16” x 1 1/8” structural steel bar grates. Owners will come to appreciate their strength and durability as the traffic and years roll by. CAD designed and robotically welded, these grates have a strength to weight ratio that is superior to all others on the market. This means shipping costs are less and installation and maintenance is greatly simplified.

Designed with simplicity of installation in mind, the installer will never have to worry about hardware or components “by others”. Our systems are a complete channel drain forming system shipped with everything you need for a basic installation. Steel trench drains are factory jig welded as complete units. Unlike other economy drain systems no “tinker toy” set up of individual sections is required. Installers will love our flanged joints that allow multiple sections to be securely bolted together before being set to grade. This allows for a more rigid placement and confidence during the pour that you can only wish for with “slip joints”.


Red-E-Form® Features:


From gas stations to parking lots to factories.

Red-E-Form drains are designed for virtually any heavy duty application where durability and performance are a must. Manufactured as complete units, and requiring no expensive optional components, Red-E-form drains offer unusually easy installation and dependable, trouble-free operation.

Single pour installation, no footers or forms.

Because the drains are produced with an open bottom, the need for sloped footers and forms are eliminated. All you need to do is position the assembled system in the trench, and pour and grade as you go. You make the footer, form and grade with one pour. This will save you time, money and materials.

Anchor clips: an added benefit.

Anchor clips keep the components in position during installation and prevent the system from heaving – even under the most extreme conditions – when the job is complete.

Connecting Sections

Pre fabricated connecting sections are designed to speed the installations of a larger system. They are available in a variety of off-the-shelf configurations including 90 degree corners, Tees, and Crosses. Connecting sections can be used in any size E-Z Drain or Red-E- Form system and can be supplied with any grate.

No multiple sloping.

Unlike many other drains, the Red-E-Form system does not require multiple surface sloping. Since the drains are bottomless to allow on-site grading, you have unlimited grade/distance potential. Therefore, you can run a single drain the entire length of the drain area and eliminate the need for multi-sloping.

End Plates:

End plates complete an installation by providing an easy means of closing off a blind end, or connecting the trench drain system to the outlet piping. They are available in sizes to fit any system and come with a variety of connection options including holes, male or female NPT fittings, or straight pipe outlet.

Easy installation.

Completed Red-E-Form drain units bolt together so that the entire system can be connected before being positioned in the drain trench. This ensures fast, easy installation, provides more rigid support and allows greater control in placement.

Catch Basins

Catch basins are 24” x 24” x 10” deep and are available with a variety of pre fabricated inlet configurations. They are designed to be integrated into any system to provide greater capacities for larger runs. Catch basins can be used in any size E-Z Drain or Red-E- Form system. Extension from 1 foot to 5 feet deep can be added to increase capacity. Each foot adds 25 gallons. Outlets are shop fabricated and configured with NPT male or female threads, or a plain hole. Trash baskets aid in the removal of debris.

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