MDP Islands

MDP Islands

Riverside Steel’s Dispenser Mounting Boxes are used to locate and secure safety shut-off valves, product piping, and electrical conduit in an island installation. Additionally, they provide for the quick and easy setting and attaching of electronic equipment to the island.

Dispense Boxes


Available For Small Single and Dual Product Dispensers:

Riverside Steel’s dispenser’s comply with the Petroleum Industry standard 7” high
boxes.  These dispenser boxes are available in standard and fully adjustable models. Additionally, Riverside Steel’s dispenser boxes are supplied with plated “U” bolt clamps for ease in locating and anchoring of impact valves. Like many of our premium products, our dispenser mounting boxes are fabricated from industry leading 12 gauge steel and are prime coated for durability.

Dispenser Mounting Boxes For MPD Dispensers:

Riverside Steel’s MPD mounting boxes are custom precision fabricated with mounting holes located on flanges.  These flanges are accessible from inside the dispenser mounting box. “U” bolt clamps and stabilizer bars are fully adjustable for fast installation with any type of impact valve or containment system. Stocked boxes are available to fit any dispenser on the market.


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