Island Forms

Dispenser Mounting Boxes


These products can be used in any high traffic area requiring the installation of an above grade poured concrete pad. They are perfect for commercial fueling sites, drive-through facilities, parking lots, security checkpoints and kiosks, airports, and any job requiring a custom prefabricated solution.

A Variety of Sizes and Shapes:

Island Forms are available in a variety of sizes and styles, making them ease to spec and order. Standard heights are 9” and 13” and widths are 3’, 4’, and 5’. Lengths from 3’ through 50’ are standard, however any length may be ordered. Radiused ends are available in standard 6”, 12”, and full radius. Custom designed forms of any width, length, radius and height to 36” are available in as little as 5 days. Specify virtually any material. Island Forms meet the specifications of all major oil companies and any special job requirements.

Permanent Steel Island Forms:

All Red-E -Form® permanent Steel Island forms are fabricated from mill prime ASTM A569 12 gauge steel. Sections are precision roll formed, providing unsurpassed dimensional accuracy and eliminating many installation problems found in standard knock-down forms. Standard 1 1/4” rolled top bead and 1 1⁄4” bottom return flange provide strength for accurate alignment. Top and bottom cross bracing and fully adjustable top braces allow flexibility in locating mounting boxes, and provide for rigid placement during installation. All end sections are radiused on state-of-the-art CNC equipment and include the same 1 1⁄4” bottom flange as the straight sections…a Red-E-Form® exclusive. All knock down sections are now fabricated with the revolutionary Red-E-Flange precision stamped steel flange for the best fit in the industry. Forms are coated with 1 mil of red oxide primer for long life. They are supplied with all the necessary hardware for fast assembly.

Stainless Steel Forms:

Available in all the same sizes and styles as our carbon
steel forms, Red-E-Form® stainless steel island forms are fabricated from mill prime 12 gauge 304 #4 polish stainless steel for superior corrosion and pitting resistance to type 304. Our stainless forms are 100% stainless steel including all internal bracing, flanges, and welding. This prevents “rust bleed through” at the joints that is common in forms from other manufacturers. The forms are shipped with a PVC protective outer wrap for added protection during installation. If your job demands the ultimate in upscale appearance and durability, this is the form for you.

MPD Islands:

Available in 3 popular styles, MPD islands are fabricated from the same materials and contain the same features as the standard shaped islands, but provide the added protection required for expensive electronic dispensers. Most MPD island forms are shipped in 3 pieces that quickly bolt together for a straight rigid form. All ends are open braced to go around existing columns. As an added benefit, we will set up at no extra charge, your choice of dispenser mounting box.

Exacta-Form® Plastic Island Forms:

These forms are manufactured from a proprietary polymer product giving them the strength of steel with 1⁄2 the weight. This makes them easier to handle, speeding installation and reducing shipping costs. Available in a wide variety of molded-in colors, these forms will never need painting and will keep their bright clean appearance for many years with very little maintenance. The internal structure can be adapted to any job environment with an assortment of steel attachments such as angle iron, rebar and power strut. This allows the installer to use the same installation technique as with carbon forms.


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