Island Accessories

Island Accessories

These products are provided to allow for additional customization of any island
form installation.

Dispense Boxes


Raised Bumpers:

Raised bumper ends are designed to provide an extra margin of protection and safety. They add additional height to the island at the point where vehicular impact is most likely to occur…the ends. Valuable island equipment is safeguarded and your liability from injury or death is reduced. Raised bumpers are available in heights to 36” with or without a top bead. Width and radius conform to the end specified. Available removable panels allow these ends to be fitted around existing canopy columns for added flexibility.

Leveling Devices:

Optional leveling devices can be added to any form. They
will accommodate up 5/8” rebar and allow the forms to be anchored at the proper elevation before cement is placed. Installers will like this added piece-of-mind, knowing that the forms will be where they belong after the concrete has cured.


Radiused ends, straight sections, and cross braces are available as separate stock able components. Specify any length, width or height to 36”. All ends are supplied with removable cross bracing to go around existing columns. Straight sections are supplied with the Red-E-Flange joining flange, nuts and bolts, and angle stiffener offsets for cross braces. Cross Braces come complete with our uniquely designed end clips and screws that allow for placement at any point in the form.


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