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Drainage Systems

Surface trench drain systems that offer all the advantages you need.

When it comes to specifying surface drainage, a wide variety of systems are available. But when it comes to finding a system that offers low cost, easy installation and top performance, the Red-E-Form and E-Z-Drain systems are your only choice.

Red · E · Form - For Commercial and Industrial Applications

From gas stations and parking lots to factories and garage floor drains.

Red-E-Form trench drains are designed for virtually any heavy duty application where durability and performance are a must. Manufactured as complete units, Red-E-Form trench drains offer unusually easy installation and dependable, trouble-free operation.

Easy installation.

Completed Red-E-Form trench drain units bolt together so that the entire system can be connected before being positioned in the drain trench. This ensures fast, easy installation, provides more rigid support and allows greater control in placement.

No multiple sloping.

Unlike many other trench drains, the Red-E-Form system does not require multiple surface sloping. Since the drains are bottomless to allow on-site grading, you have unlimited grade/distance potential. Therefore, you can run a single drain the entire length of the trench drain area and eliminate the need for multi-sloping.

Single pour installation, no footers or forms.

Because the drains are produced with an open bottom, the need for sloped footers and forms is eliminated. All you need to do is position the assembled system in the trench, and pour and grade as you go. You make the footer, form and grade with one pour. And that saves you time, money and materials.

Anchor clips: an added benefit.

Anchor clips keep the components in position during installation and prevent the system from heaving - even under the most extreme conditions - when the job is complete.

Drain Cross Section

  1. Grate retaining clips are included with each drain. Removeable for easy cleaning.
  2. Standard grates are constructed from 3/16" steel bars. Cast iron and heavy duty grates are also available.
  3. Components are arc welded for maximum strength.
  4. Drain sections bolt together for easy installation.
  5. Open bottom in Red-E-Form drain allows on-site grading, eliminates the need for sloped footers.
  6. Roll formed construction provides consistent quality and strength.
  7. Each drain is dip-coated for lasting protection.
  8. Anchor clips make positioning easier, prevent heaving under extreme conditions.
  9. Installation requires no footers or forms. Install with a single pour.
Components are jig assembled to ensure consistent quality and arc welded for optimum strength.
The entire assembly is dipped in a high adhesion, rust resistant coating for complete protection. Adds years to the life of the system.
For faster drainage, greater water control, sumps are available for each system. Trash sumps are also available for easy removal of debris.

E · Z · Drain - For any Residential Application

Same benefits, smaller size.

E-Z-Drain systems offer the same easy installation, effective maintenance free performance and rugged construction of Red-E-Form systems, but have been specifically designed for residential use. E-Z-Drain systems are available only in 6" widths and are constructed with a roll-formed bottom plate. E-Z-Drains are designed for handling smaller surface areas, such as driveways and garages.

Drainage System Components

Drain System

Please select from the following to view specific details for each drainage system component.
Trench Drains
Trench drains and grates
Connecting Sections
Connecting sections and end plates
Catch Basins
Catch basins

A Wide Range of Specifications to Meet All Your Requirements


Both systems are produced in standard 4', 5' and 6' lengths. Components can be combined to produce custom sized lengths. Red-E-Form drains are available in 8", 10" and 12" widths. E-Z-Drains are 6" in width.


Drains are roll-formed from 13 gauge steel for uniform quality and strength. Special order virtually any material - even stainless steel.


Strong, 3/16" steel bar grates are standard on both systems. Heavy duty, reinforced steel grates are available for applications subjected to heavy equipment and will withstand continuous 40 ton traffic. Diamond plates are available for foot traffic areas. You may also specify cast iron grates for the Red-E-Form system. Grates are included with each unit.

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