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Catch Basins

Catch basins are available with a variety of inlet configurations. Sizes and prices are listed in the tables below. For sizes not listed, please call for a prompt quote. When placing an order for any of our catch basins, please be prepared to specify the following details -

  1. Sump type (C, J, etc.)
  2. Grate type (HD, C.I, etc.)
  3. Extension height
  4. Inlet width
To place an order by telephone, fax, or mail, please use the information on our contact details page.

Catch Basin Inlet Configurations

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Inlet Configurations
Grate Type "C" "J" "L" Sq. 2'x2' "T" 2'x2'" Cross 2'x2'
Price Wt. Price Wt. Price Wt. Price Wt. Price Wt. Price Wt.
No Grt.                        
Dia. Plt.                        

"J" Style Catch Basins

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J Style Catch Basin
Height Price Wt.

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