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Riverside Steel produces a complete line of forms for the petroleum marketing industry. Please select from the index for detailed information on each of our product lines, or browse the summary descriptions below.


Island Forms

Fabricated from 12ga. roll formed section with a 1 1/4" top bead and 1 1/4" bottom flange around entire island, including radius ends. Fully adjustable top and bottom braces, flanged ends, and alignment tabs permit fast accurate alignment and rigid placement during installation. Island forms are prime coated and supplied with plated hardware for durability. Standard heights are 9" and 13". Standard radiuses are 6", 12", and Full Radius. Forms are shipped knocked down unless otherwise requested. [Island Forms - Detailed Specifications]

MPD Islands

Island Form Image MPD islands are available in 3 popular styles. They are fabricated from the same materials and contain the same features as the standard shaped islands, but provide the added protection required for expensive electronic dispensers. MPD forms are shipped in 3 pieces (1 center section and 2 ends) that quickly bolt together for a straight rigid form. As an added benefit, all RED-E-FORM MPD island ends are braced to go around existing columns, and we will set up at no extra charge, your choice of dispenser mounting box. [Detailed Specifications]

Dispenser Mounting Boxes

Dispenser Box Image Fabricated from 12ga. arc welded steel, all boxes are 7" high and prime coated and supplied with plated "U" bolt clamps. Small single and dual product boxes are available in standard and adjustable models. MPD boxes are precision fabricated with mounting holes located on flanges accessible from inside the box. "U" bolt clamps and stabilizer bar are fully adjustable for fast installation with any type of impact valve or containment system. Boxes are available in sizes and styles to accommodate dispensers from many of the major manufacturers. [Detailed Specifications]

Spill Containment Boxes

Spill containment boxes are fabricated from heavy 3/16" thick chemical resistant rigid PVC. All joints are welded for secure containment, and these units are specially designed to mate with any of our dispenser mounting boxes. They are available in 12" and 24" high models to accommodate a wide variety of secondary containment systems. We also stock a complete line of Uniseal grommets that allow for easy field installation of any piping system without adhesives, hardware or threads. [Detailed Specifications]


Manhole Image Both square manholes and round manholes are available in a wide variety of sizes. The boxes are fabricated from 12ga steel and all joints are arc welded. Square manholes 30" and smaller have reinforced 1/4" diamond plate covers. Square manholes 36" and larger, and all round manholes have reinforced 3/8" diamond plat covers. Extra heavy duty lids, and lids with special access are available. [Manholes - Detailed Specifications]

Island Accessories

Island guards are fabricated from one continuous piece of 4" I beam with 12" radius bends. This section is 75% stronger than 3 1/2" pipe, providing the best protection your money can buy. Advantages over tube type guards include better appearance with no ugly flat distortions in bends, no seams to rupture, and solid construction that will never rust out from the inside.

Raised bumper ends are designed to protect your valuable island equipment and are shop welded to any style of island end. They are fabricated from 12ga steel and are available in 12", 18" and 24" heights.

[Detailed Specifications]

Trench Drains

Drain Image Trench drain boxes are fabricated from 13ga roll formed sections, and furnished with flanged joints and 3/8" plated nuts and bolts for fast on site assembly. Standard steel grates are fabricated from arc welded 1 1/8" x 3/16" A-36 bar. Heavy duty steel grates are reinforced with 1/4" x 2" bar welded to each bearing bar on the underside of the grate. Class 30 cast iron grates are 1 1/4" thick and will hold up even under the most demanding conditions. These trench drains include a special close gap grate, with bearing bars of 1' x 1' x 3/16" angle, are available where foot traffic or bicycle and wheel chair traffic is anticipated. Each section is completely assembled and systems are shipped knocked down in 4', 5', and 6' lengths. A complete selection of prefabricated accessories for our trench drains are also available to customize any installation. [Trench Drains - Detailed Specifications]

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